English Courses Available in Johannesburg:


General English

Our General English course focuses on fluency and accuracy, highlighting the practical understanding of English through the fours main skills of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.
The course materials that we use encourage interactive participation so that the student builds confidence in a relaxed environment.
Students receive a full report and a level certificate on completion of a six-week course.


General English course can be booked for a minimum of two weeks.

Start Date: ANY Monday

This course is suitable for students:
– of any level, from Beginner to Advanced
– who want to improve their level of understanding and communication in everyday situations
– who are foreign or second language speakers of English.

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Course duration: Minimum 2 weeks, 9.00a.m. – 1.00p.m, Monday to Friday

Certificate course: 6 to 8 weeks

1 lesson: 60 minutes

Lessons per week: 17.5 hours

Class size: Maximum 12 students per class

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Private Lessons

This is an intensive course focusing on the individuals unique English language requirements. Students taking this course have the opportunity to build self-confidence and achieve their personal learning outcomes.

Level: Starter to Advanced
Course duration: Minimum 10 lessons
1 lesson: 60/90 minutes
Certificate course: 30 lessons


Talk Talk

Do you need to focus on your verbal communication in English? This course is for adult foreign speakers who would like to build their confidence when socialising in English. This course focuses on conversation skills, pronunciation, the use of idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, vocabulary and grammar. Level: All levels – divided into a lower level and a higher level Course duration: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.00a.m – 10.30a.m for a minimum of 4 weeks Class size: Maximum 14



Business & Report Writing Course

This Business Writing course has been developed to help business people learn the skills and techniques that are necessary to write an accomplished report, email, or business letter. This training course not only includes the format of writing, but even more importantly, a grammar component. It further incorporates the psychology informing writing. You will complete the course with the tools available to implement an effective structure of writing in your organization.

Benefits and Outcomes:
– Master the fundamentals of business and report writing skills
– Promote clear and unambiguous communication in plain language
– Improve the quality of written reports and other texts specific to the business environment
– Know how to keep the attention of the reader by including important information
– Use grammar structures and conventions to convey your message effectively
– Establish objectives by identifying the intended audience
– Recognize and use textual conventions in a professional manner
– Including only necessary information by editing the document
– Be culturally sensitive across a range of social contexts

Course Outline:

– Goal setting
– Understanding why we write
– The use of Plain Language in business communications
– The Fog Index
– Brainstorming and mind-mapping
– The communication chain
– Avoiding conflict in the workplace
– Company philosophy
– Time management and editing
– Using punctuation; spelling; grammatical differences; parts of speech
– Relative clauses and conjunctions
– The format of report writing: what is a report; the different parts of a report
– Proofreading
– The passive tense
– E-mail and email etiquette
– Formatting emails
– Business netiquette
– Business letters: formal; informal and neutral language
– Formatting letters
– Editing and finalizing the document

General English Improvement (part-time)

How confident are you with your English?

This is a course for students who believe that their spoken and/or written English is not adequate for further study or the workplace.

The course has been developed for students who require support in the General English language ability but who are unable to attend a full-time English course.

Level: Elementary to Advanced

Course duration: 8 weeks, Saturday’s 9.00a.m. – 1.00p.m

Class size: Minimum 8 students and maximum 14 students

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ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) Course

This is a short course which is 24 hours in duration per ABET level.
The course focuses on literacy and basic numeracy to assist individuals with the skills required to communicate competently in English.

This course is suitable for students:
– who did not complete their primary or secondary education
– who cannot read or write competently in English
– who want to improve their basic English language

Level: ABET 1, 2, 3

Course duration: 8 weeks, Saturday’s 9.30a.m – 12.30a.m.

Class size: Maximum 8




IELTS Preparation (International English Language Testing System)

Most academic institutions require an IELTS qualification for speakers of other languages.
The IELTS qualification is also needed to emigrate to or work in most English speaking countries.
The focus of this course is placed on understanding the IELTS test format, and in teaching effective exam techniques.
You will use authentic test materials to prepare you for your test.

This course is suitable for students who:
– wish to enter an English speaking academic institution
– are considering emigration to Canada, the UK, New Zealand, the USA or Australia

Level: Intermediate to Advanced