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Avenue English is a dynamic English language school in the world class African city of Johannesburg. The school is situated in the northern suburbs, close to Sandton, Rosebank and Melrose Arch.

We develop and facilitate English courses relating to English communication, for the social and business environments.

Learning English is a challenge and we aim to make your experience as enjoyable and effective as possible.

We offer affordable English Language and Communication courses, aimed at assisting learners achieve their full potential. We are committed to providing the highest quality English tuition and service, which is professional and efficient.

Please enquire about our General English courses, English Improvement for second language speakers, IELTS preparation courses and English for Business courses.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility to suit each and every individual’s needs as well as our small, personalised classes.


Download “AE Your English Pathway” and see what we can achieve for you!


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Why Us?

  • We have 45 years of international Business and English language teaching experience.
  • We teach people who have the need to learn English for career, social, academic and self-improvement purposes both in the public and commercial sectors.
  • The purpose of Avenue English is to make English accessible to all foreign and second language learners.
  • We are flexible in order to cater to each individuals unique English language needs.
Why Learn English?

  • Every continent uses English for business and communication.
  • Over 1.8 billion people speak English worldwide, of which 328 million are native speakers.
  • World powers speak English. World powers use English for business.
  • 1 billion people are currently learning English worldwide.


  • Thank you for your help, the extra classes really helped me tremendously!
    I passed the IELTS with overall band score of 8.

    Jenny Wilson IELTS
  • Thank you very much . I do not know what to say to you any more. May God bless you. You have taken me from Rags to Riches. I will never forget to you in my life , and what ever will happen to me is because of  you.
    May you find the attached documents for IELTS that I will combine in order to go to Newzealand.
    If you know of any agent who can help, feel free to advise me. I will name my baby girl after you, my first son is Miguel. I have never felt so good for long for so long.

    Cathrine Ngonje, Zimbabwe
  • The things I like about Avenue English are the teachers are very friendly and they teach well.
    I love the way they care about the students and spend extra time with us if we need.

    Fatima Monteiro, Angola
  • Dear Beverley and Vivi,

    I would like to take the time to thank you for your English classes offered to two of my employees, David Ramokolo and Desmond Mandindo.
    I sent David to you as he would like to progress in the company, and is a very keen worker, but unfortunately does not yet have the language skills required for a promotion.
    He thoroughly enjoyed the course and has definitely benefited from it.
    He felt that your teachers focussed on his individual needs and he is looking forward to joining the next course.
    We will gladly sponsor the next course for him as his standard of work has improved and enthusiasm is palpable.
    With regards Desmond, I have attached a letter he wrote to me thanking me for the course.
    We sent Desmond to you as his English is strong, but he lacks confidence when communicating verbally.
    Initially he was loathe to attend the course, but at the end of it, as you will see from the letter, he is keen to pursue the classes.
    We are also happy with his development as he is a lot more self-assured and confident when speaking, which is imperative in his line of work when dealing with customers.
    Please note Desmond’s email…

    “Hi Lauren,
    I am writing just to say thank you very much for organizing an English Improvement course for me.
    I learnt a lot and as was the purpose of the course, I have gained a lot of confidence in verbal communications, though it’s going to be a continuous learning process for me.
    I would love to continue to the next level if you would approve this.
    Once again many thanks.”

    Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Lauren Sher
  • Firstly I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being willing to assist my daughter.
    She is happy with Toni and really appreciates it.

    Thembi Mogala
  • Thank you Vivi and Bev,

    Your assistance has greatly been appreciated. I have communicated the below feedback to Mario.
    I am also very proud on the improvement he has made thus far and thank you both again.

    Jay Cameron
  • To Whom It May Concern:

    We would like to extend our gratitude for the English communication course conducted by Avenue English for our team of 5 employees.
    The teachers encouraged the students to think about English in real world examples such as telephonic communication with clients, introductions in social situations as well as writing of emails.
    Avenue English worked tirelessly to inspire our students to perform to a very high level, ensuring that each lesson was interactive and fun thereby building the confidence of each and every individual.
    Pronunciation was the particular challenge of our employees and the teachers focused on this area with regards to our personal criteria.
    Avenue English do whatever it takes to facilitate their clients and students so that all achieve their potential in terms of their language ability.
    We highly recommend Avenue English as a language school to all non-mother-tongue English language learners.

    Rajesh Nooka
  • Thank you for the feedback/assessment.
    I have learned a lot during the course, and I had lots of fun too.
    I would appreciate it if you can share information on new material or websites, for continuous improvement.
    All the best.

    Lerato Moletsane
  • The thing I like most at Avenue English is the people, teachers, students – everybody is social and friendly at AE.
    The teachers have experience and they are very good with foreigners.
    Also, at AE you can find a variety of students, they come from all over the world.

    Laurezia Itongo Ikwa, The DRC
  • Good morning ,,
    im writing to thank you for everything that you did for me,,,

    it was beautiful moments with you , Vivi and Alen . I really appreciate all efforts and concerns that you did for me ,,,
    i didnt do very well in my exam (not as i expect ) but not bad, so i hope that i can get my score in IELTS .
    thank you for every thing , and hope to see you and your colleagues another Time ,,,
    yours Sincerely

  • Thank you so much! My vocab. Has improved. I can now speak in a room full of people. Keep up the good work.

    Ruth Budeli
  • Hi Bev & Vivi,

    I just want to thank both of you for all your help on preparing me for my IELTS Exam.
    I received a great result of 8.5 and I know this would not have been the case if I did the preparation on my own.
    I am also very grateful to both of you for accommodating me at such short notice.
    I will definitely highly recommend Avenue English.

    Gillian Gradidge, JHB
  • I would like to say thank you for the lessons I was given a while back in May for IELTS. I passed my exam with an overall 8 …I really appreciate the tips I was given. It’s long overdue, but thanks to both of you ladies. You are awesome ☺
    Kind regards

    Ethel Chifunda
  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I started at Avenue English in October 2012, when I arrived in South Africa, to improve my English, because I didn’t speak any English. I started with the Elementary course and I finished with the Upper-Intermediate in April 2014.

    I improved my English a lot, because at Avenue English we had grammar classes, but we also had “The Get Talking,” which is very good to practise English.

    At Avenue English we did not only learn English, but we met many people from different countries, which allowed us to learn a lot about different topics. Avenue English is more than a school, where I felt as if I was at home. There I found a big support and I made many friends.

    Thanks to Avenue English for helping me, at a time that is not easy for people who arrive in a foreign country and cannot communicate properly.

    Carolina Fernandes
  • He said it was not so bad !!! …..he said, he think that he have made it this time .
    And he said I must thank you for everything that you have done for him, thank you for letting him speak so early.
    We were early Saturday evening at homeI hope and pray that he have made it this time, we are so tired of writing the IELTS so many times and his job that side won’t wait forever.
    E.T sound confident and it’s all thanks to you!

    Errall Theo/Lismare Terblanche, Palaborwa
  • Well done! The lessons are excellent.
    I have learnt a lot! The small class was great.
    Thank you!

    Nelisiwe Thela
  • I like the way how the teachers teach and care about the students.
    Everybody is friendly at school.

    Liudmyla Ladstainer, Ukraine
  • We have just checked Dan’s IELTS result.
    He made 8.0.
    Thanks for all your effort.

    Daniel (Adebayo) Fayoyin, Nigeria
  • To Whom It May Concern:
    My time at AE was really great.
    I studied at AE for one year and improved my English tremendously. Not only the grammar lessons, also the communication classes were a good experience.
    I started with the pre – intermediate course and finished off with the business level.
    I made big steps and overcame my fear to speak to native English speakers. For me it’s not only a school to learn English, it’s more like a community.
    I did not only enjoy the good education, I also had lots of fun! It was a special time, especially being in a new country. It was the best place to find support and feel welcome.
    Thank you to Avenue English that I managed to find a job in Johannesburg.

    Lisa Koppisch
  • Thank you very much for your IELTS test tremendous support throughout my two weeks stay with you ladies. It’s been a wonderful experience which will remain with me for many many years to come. I strongly believe AE will see more Swazi nationals going forward coming for English lessons in the near future.I have gained a lot in this course and I now use the language with confidence. … and once again thank you very much for your support.ALREADY ,I NOW MISS THAT FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE AT AE.

    France Sithole Sebenele, Swaziland
  • I think I made a good choice by coming to Avenue English.
    Thank you for your efforts in improving my English language.
    I definitely learned something at Avenue English.
    I have gained a lot and understand most of the things I did not understand before.
    The teaching was excellent.

    Henrietta Sibaya